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Fujiwara Ballet Academy is a classical ballet school, founded by Etsuko Fujiwara in Osaka in 1983. We have variety of students, who aspire to dance professionally, who are eager to improve their techniques, who have just started dancing and so on. Even though they are here for different reasons or purposes, there is one thing they all have in common; a passion towards dance. People who love dancing are more than welcome! We approach each student differently to maximize their own potential based on their ages and experiences. Since the school is located close to the train station, it is really convenient for the students and office workers to come in after school or work.

● Staff

Fujiwara Ballet Academy
Etsuko Fujiwara

Fujiwara Ballet Academy
Maki Nishikimi

Etsuko began her training in Osaka in 1949 and joined Komaki Ballet School in 1954. She performed “Afternoon of a Faun”, “Le Spectre de la Rose”, “Sleeping Beauty” as one of the company members in Komaki Ballet Company. After her professional dance career, she started teaching special course at the Takarazuka Musical School. She also studied overseas and received training from Hans Meister, Madam Nola, and Jane-Claude Louise.

Maki started her training under Etsuko Fujiwara and got trained from Hideo Fukagawa, Hans Meister, and Jean-Claude Louise. She has performed lilac fairy from “Sleeping Beauty”, prelude from 'Les Sylphides', soloist in La Sylphides Flower Festival, Paquita, Swan Lake, and The Shot by Hideo Fukagawa. Also she has worked as a translator with some choreographers and dancers, such as Vladimir Malakhov, and Sascha Radetsky from ABT. In 2012, she choreographed “Run Wild” for the Professional Dancers Association (PDA).

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